Jump into E-Commerce Sales in 2018
Don't try E-Commerce without this package! The world of E-Commerce is super easy, but it comes with a lot of info.

I sell products via E-Commerce through Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, Drop Shipping, and Private Label using multiple platforms.
     * Free Tip for First Timers: Wholesaling using Amazon FBA is the best way to get in the door! 
I have no dreams of wanting to be a super duper Internet Marketer, but I do have useful info that people ask me about daily. I've had mentors help me along my E-commerce journey and I believe in sharing. 

So, I've put together a Wholesale Training package that anyone can use to start Wholesaling on Amazon, Shopify, and E-Bay.

No, you don't have to join my email list. You don't have to subscribe to my YouTube channel. 
If you're still trying to figure out where to get started. If you're still asking yourself:
  •  Where do I find a list of companies that will either wholesale to me in bulk or drop ship to my customer?
  •  What questions do I need to ask wholesalers to make them take me seriously?
  •  Does this whole E-Commerce stuff actually work?
  •  What types of products should I start with? 
Get my complete package of Wholesale tips, processes, and secrets delivered to your email. 
Buy the guide, use the guide, start wholesaling on Amazon, Shopify, and E-Bay...TODAY!
was $47   NOW ONLY $29.97
After your purchase there is NO up sell! NO continuous email marketing that fills up your inbox! NO fake guru trying to bleed money from your pockets! NO recurring payments! 

I'm just an Amazon seller who is tired of seeing people lose their shirts to savvy internet sales people who pretend to provide value but are only interested in lining their pockets. 
The Jumpstart to Wholesale Package 
  •  Real search techniques to find US based Wholesale suppliers
  •  Contact info for 2 Wholesale suppliers that I know personally, to get your business started
  •  Wholesaler tracking sheet with categories already completed so that you know what important info is needed
  •  Email/call script to use when contacting wholesalers
  •  A list of products that are always in demand online 
Jumpstart the E-Commerce Business you've been thinking about starting since 017. 
Make 2018 the year you dive into E-Commerce and make it happen!

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